Age Verification that protects your identity.

How it works

Verifying your age with AVSecure is simple and secure.

You can select one of several verification methods to access restricted content including your mobile phone number, credit or debit card details plus your address, driving license or passport ID.

However, for the highest levels of privacy you also have the option of purchasing an Age Verification Card, and entering the unique PIN from the card.

Exclusive Age Verification Card solution

Exclusive AVSecure Age Verification Cards will be obtainable at up to 60,000 high street retail stores and supermarkets across the UK.

The Age Verification Card method allows face-to-face age verification to be completed at the point of sale, after which you'll be issued with a unique PIN number to allow you access to age restricted websites.

If you don’t clearly look over 18, you will be asked to show valid photo ID to the cashier in the same way you are asked when buying other age restricted goods, such as alcohol or cigarettes.

Free to Industry

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Blockchain technology

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Blockchain Technology

Encrypted storage

your Privacy

Digital Economy Act

The AVSecure system has been designed and developed to be the leading age verification solution to allow compliance with the UK Digital Economy Act.

It is a truly federated system and once verified, you can access with ease any site hosting AVSecure.