AgeBlock prevents access to millions of adult websites and also enables you to restrict access to other social media sites


How it

AgeBlock gives parents a greater degree of control of their kids devices. It is simple to set up and use so that you can block over 4 million age restricted websites with ease. In addition you can restrict access to the main social media applications.

It is designed to allow arm’s length control of what your children are able to see and access, without them feeling as if you are intruding in activities you are otherwise happy to permit.

There are many other blocking products on the market, but our design is focused on simplicity of use. No complex set-up routines or filtering where you are required to type in website addresses.

We view it as a big on/off button to exclude millions of identified, undesirable websites.

Features Benefits

Block over 4 million adult sites
Control access
to social media
Not overly
Easy to
your family
to use

Coming in 2019

It is quite rare that a new service comes to the market with comparable level of investment and expertise that AVSecure delivers. We will be recommending all our clients to use this service as we have absolute confidence in their technology and people.

Brad Mitchell, CEO, MojoHost